Hashtag Domain Affiliate program

Earn a passive income through Hashtag.Space by signing up for our Hashtag Domain Affiliate Program. Use your personal referral link to invite others to purchase hashtag domains and you’ll earn 25% on every domain that comes through your referral. Share your link on social media, through email campaigns, or whichever marketing method you prefer, then watch as new sign-ups start to buy and add hashtag credits to your account. Credits can be turned into cash through your PayPal account or into MHC.

5 Reasons to Join Our Affiliate Program for Hashtag Domains

1. If you’re building an affiliate career and looking for a reliable addition to your portfolio, Hashtag.Space is an excellent choice for several important reasons:

  • Hashtag domains are the decentralized internet’s alternative to .com domains
  • There’s a huge exodus from the World Wide Internet to the Web 3.0 happening
  • Hashtag domains are still widely available
  • You’re getting in on the ground floor of an extraordinary program
  • We’ve created a profitable hashtag domain affiliate program with no start-up costs

2. Along with our affiliate marketing opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy hashtag domains before the most popular names become scarce. You can set any or all of your domains to auto-resell and once you set your price, your account will handle all of the details if someone else wants to buy your domains. Being able to resell hashtag domains at custom prices makes our program profitable for our affiliates. You can take a closer look at the program’s features just by going to Hashtag.Space and browsing the information there.

Searching for popular domain names and buying them before someone else closes the sale is a very affordable way to start building wealth for your future. In the past, trending domain names have sold for millions of dollars; in time, the same individuals and companies that once bought .com domain names will be looking into hashtag domains for their websites.

3. Compare the pay-out from Hashtag.Space with your current affiliate marketing program to see how ours measures up. If you’ve partnered with companies that pay 2%-10%, you can certainly appreciate the value our program brings to the table. A 25% payout means you can buy a new domain after every 4 purchases through your referral- or spend your income as you wish. Since most domain buyers purchase more than one domain, you’ll see a high return on your marketing investment.

4. Referral links are easy to use:

  • Create hyperlinks in blog content or articles and insert your referral link
  • Create affordable email campaigns and use your referral link to invite people to check out hashtag domains
  • Tell your friends and family about hashtag domains on places like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and include your link as a way to generate interest
  • Use referral links in social media campaigns using our website as a base for information

Almost all affiliate programs rely on one or more links to take customers to products or services. Your referral link on Hashtag.Space is one that will help others learn about the decentralized internet and how they can profit from the mass exodus from the centralized Web.

5. Hashtag.Space is the best affiliate marketing site because it pays far more than most affiliate programs; it’s easy to use, and it provides an added opportunity to buy # domains that could be extremely profitable for you in the future. Hashtag domains offer a seamless process for resolving any website to the decentralized internet without having to spend a lot of time studying or learning new concepts. Our portal manages the process for you, so all you have to do is type in your existing URL and your website can also be found on the decentralized Web.

Our Affiliate Program is Free

Yes, you read that right. There are no start-up costs or fees of any kind, now or in the future. If you sell a domain, a 5% commission will be deducted from the total, otherwise, you’re good to go.

Sign up for a free Hashtag.Space account today- it takes less than a minute to complete. Hover your curser over ‘Downline’ once you’re signed in, then select ‘Rewards’ to find your personal affiliate link; copy, and paste your link on your website, in newly written content on your site, in marketing campaigns, in emails, in text messages, and in any other place where new customers or clients might be found.

For more information, feel free to contact the CEO of Hashtag.Space, Robert Bibb: 1.304.933.1944. Hashtag.Space is committed to providing one of the best affiliate programs for our resellers.