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Website design matters a lot. While a pretty website is definitely a plus, search engines won’t rank it at the top based on how good it looks. To drive the point home, you might have even noticed some not-so-attractive websites outrank you. The fact of the matter is, beyond having a beautiful website, your target audience needs to find it. That is where SEO comes in.

At CA Digital Marketing, we’re SEO experts in Victoria BC. We’ve helped our clients attract ready-to-purchase leads to their sites, and we’re excited to do the same for you.

How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

The importance of an SEO-friendly website cannot be overemphasized. A website optimized for search engines will enable you to climb the ranks faster, which, in turn, will drive traffic to your site. Here are ways to make your website search engine friendly:

  • Don’t Try to Cheat Search Engine Algorithms

Trying to beat the system so that your site ranks higher can land you in a lot of trouble. Though it may work in the short term, it’s a practice SEO experts highly discourage. Once Google and other search engines uncover your tricks, your website could get delisted. Usually, a penalized site takes one to two or even more years to recover. Thus, it’s critical to use white-hat SEO techniques to generate organic traffic and find your way to the top.

  • Create An SEO-Friendly URL

Whenever search engines try to determine what your web pages are all about, one of the things they consider is your URL. As such, you need a URL that is easy to read, short, descriptive, and, of course, optimized for SEO. Also, including the right keywords when coming up with a URL is just as crucial as it is when developing your content. Therefore, for the best SEO practices, you should customize the URL on each web page depending on the keywords you desire the page to rank for.

  • Optimize Your Images

Images make your website more interesting and appealing. However, you need to ensure they are optimized. What this means is, your images have to be compressed but without compromising the quality. If you don’t, oversized images will only slow down the speed of your website, which will work against you. Your visitors will not be patient enough to stick around until the image loads. Additionally, remember to add the alt tags in every image. This here is your opportunity to further optimize your web pages for the keywords you are targeting.

An SEO Agency That Helps You Attract Organic Traffic

With the increase in competition today, businesses can no longer afford to take a back seat and rely on their web design and quality of their services or products to put them ahead of their competitors. To stand out, business owners need to take advantage of our SEO services that can earn you a top spot in search engines. As seasoned SEO experts in Victoria BC, we’re dedicated to helping your business grow online exponentially by bringing only targeted and high converting leads to your website. Reach out to CA Digital Marketing today for a free consultation: 415-422-9928.

SEO Experts Victoria BC