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All SEO clients are automatically enrolled in our exclusive Pay Per Call lead generation program. The same assets that help rank your site will also be getting real local...

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Managing your hard-earned 5 star online reputation is step 1. Actively marketing your positive 5 stars reviews to win more business is when reputation gets interesting.

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Four Core Strategy
For businesses online, high-quality traffic can win sales. But one debatable thing is which one between PPC and SEO is the best option. SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) are digital marketing tools used to drive traffic to your business website. However, they work differently. SEO uses various strategies to get your website to the top pages of SERPs. PPC, on the other hand, requires you to pay whenever a user clicks on your ad. So, whether you prefer Victoria SEO or PPC, we at CA Digital Marketing have got you covered.
SEO vs. PPC: Which Is Right for You?

The simple answer is that it depends on your objectives, market, among other factors.

PPC – Pay Per Click or Google Adwords

So, when should you use PPC? When you want to get traffic fast, PPC is the way to go. If you outbid the other bids and your bid is approved, it may only be a matter of minutes before visitors start flowing in. That is because your ads will appear on the top pages for all to see. This is particularly good for squeeze pages, which are sites that can’t have enough content for Google, meaning the search engine will overlook them.
PPC is also suitable for seasonal promotions, event promotions, and high converting offers. These time-sensitive offers need immediate traffic. This strategy also comes in handy for businesses that focus on specific demographics like age, income bracket, and gender.
When you want to appear top for your targeted keywords, PPC places you above everyone else. This can work if you’re competing with big companies like Amazon, where it may take you months to outrank them using SEO.

PPC also allows you to showcase your wares, such as clothing, giving clients an immediate visual appeal. Plus, you can have all the relevant details shown to potential customers.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

While some SEO agencies in Victoria might try to convince you that you can get quick results, search engine optimization in BC takes time. As such, ranking on the first pages of Google and other major search engines won’t happen in a day. That said, by hiring the best Vancouver Island SEO providers, you’ll be able to reap a good return on your investment with time.
SEO services offer quantifiable and trackable results in virtually every area, which SEO agencies can track. For instance, you can be given data on the increase in traffic, rankings, and conversions. With this data, SEO agencies will be able to know which strategies are working, which ones aren’t, and the ones that need to be tweaked to deliver successful outcomes.  CA Digital is excited to have started to work with our newest local Victoria mortgage broker, Auxilium Mortgage Corporation! 
SEO or PPC, Which One is Better?
Different SEO Victory companies , depending on the digital tool they specialize in, may recommend either PPC or SEO as the ideal solution. However, both can benefit your business even when they’re run in tandem. For instance, if you’ve just started out and want to get new clients fast, you can achieve that using PPC ads. At the same time, having a robust organic foundation that will constantly attract qualified leads in the long term is crucial. And this is where SEO comes in.
Hire the Best Experts for SEO and PPC
At CA Digital Marketing, we’re highly skilled when it comes to SEO and PPC. We believe SEO and PPC can give a stronger foundation to help you thrive depending on your short and long-term marketing goals.

SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy. As such, many business owners doubt the progress their Victoria BC SEO agencies are making. But how can you tell if SEO efforts are working? And is there a way you can measure SEO results? This is possible if you work with a trusted SEO agency like ours. At CA Digital Marketing, our comprehensive approach to search engine optimization provides measurable results for our clients. Further, our unified processes enable us to implement strategies that bring valuable traffic to your business website.

How toTell If Your SEO Company is Helping You

As far as SEO goes, most of the efforts are behind the scenes. Although some of the things like revamping your website and revising web content are plain to see, a majority of the technical aspects of SEO are not as obvious. Here are some of the tell-tale signs your SEO provider is doing a good job.

They Immediately Get to Work

The foundation an SEO firm lays from the get-go can set the stage for a successful SEO campaign in the shortest time possible. For example, in about one to three months, they may include:

  • Conducting a thorough SEO audit of your site and pinpointing areas that need improvement
  • Identifying niche-specific short and long-tail keywords
  • Optimizing keywords, website, and improving your web content

Basically, a good SEO firm invests in understanding your present SEO status, target market, and competition even before thinking about getting to work. They will then analyze everything carefully and develop a solid plan for increasing qualified leads and converting more customers.

You’ve Notice Increased Leads and Conversions

A boost in qualified traffic and increased conversions are byproducts of an effective SEO strategy. When an agency creates a sales-focused SEO campaign that targets high-converting leads, your site will get increased traffic much faster.

They Provide Data Reports

A top SEO agency is transparent and more than willing to give you live dashboards and data reports. That way, you’ll understand what they’re doing and see the progress the campaign is making.

The SEO firm will give you data that actually matters. For example, how much has your domain authority increased? What amount of traffic has come in? Further, a company worth its salt will also explain why there was a fluctuation. For instance, ‘we were testing if your audience will respond positively to this approach, and if they do, that will win you a lot of sales.’ But remember, SEO success isn’t attained overnight. It’s a long-term strategy that pays off with time.

They’ll Tell You What They Are Doing

The best SEO agencies won’t be vague or sketchy about what they are doing to help you reach your goals. Rather, they will take the time to share with you in detail how they plan to make your site rank highly on Google and other organic search engines. Then, they will put in the work to ensure you grow.

Victoria’s Top-Rated SEO Agency

At CA Digital Marketing, we have a team of passionate and creative digital marketing experts who apply the finest Victoria BC SEO techniques to attain excellent results. Our expertise and knowledge have driven us to thoroughly research and understand SEO, enabling us to leverage it to meet your marketing goals. Reach out to CA Digital Marketing today for a free consultation: (778) 400-9868.